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Throughout human history, our species has produced art to express our deepest sense of belonging and existential questions. From cave drawings, to the Epic of Gilgamesh, Aeneid and Shakespeare’s plays and sonnets, it is doubtless that what remains of lost civilizations and forgotten epochs is a timeless creative effulgence.

What is the importance of creativity for our individual and communal well-being and existence? How does the creative process resemble the mystical experience and assist our journey towards higher truth?

Join us during our second national tour March 17th - 25th as we explore these and other themes. For more information, please send all queries to:









Dr. Ali Hussain has a PhD in Theology from the University of Michigan, Department of Middle Eastern Studies. His research focuses on the image of Jesus Christ in Islamic Spirituality.

He is also is a poet, musician, part-time photographer and educator on the sacred dimensions of the creative process. This artistic career converges with his academic focus on the contemporary cultural challenges facing the American Muslim community. 

In 2018, Dr. Hussain founded the Nostalgic Remembrance Project, an initiative that developed, in 2021, into The Adhwaq Center for Spirituality, Culture and the Arts, a non-profit organization that explores the intersection of spirituality and creativity in contemporary culture.

His publications include both Arabic and English collections of poems and prose, such as Art in Memoirs: Setting Forth, Art in Memoirs: Following the Traces and The Souk of Nostalgia.

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