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sacred soundscapes intensive

Image by Youssef Abdelwahab

Learn about Arabic music and how maqāmāt help render the world of God's Word.

A month long journey into Arabic music and the modalities known as maqām (pl. maqāmāt) and how they are used by famous Qurʾan reciters in Egypt like Mustafa Ismail to bring the meanings of God's Word to life.


Topics covered include a detailed investigation of all the major maqāmāt using musical notation. Bring your string instrument (must be fretless e.g., voice, violin, cello or oud) to learn how to play maqām and microtonal music.


We will then learn how to apply these maqāmāt to Qurʾān recitation by learning from famed reciter Mustafa Ismail. We will also study the rich interaction between audience and reciter to see the devotional importance of musicality in engagement with the Qurʾān.


Every Saturday in October, 2-4pm EDT.

Cost: $50

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