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Art in Memoirs: A Wayward Journey

Art in Memoirs: A Wayward Journey


What is the role of language in expressing artistic inspiration and the creative state? Can human speech even allude with limited letters, imprisoned words and narrow sentences to the insanity of the artist whilst they reside in a space outside of place and in a moment distant from time?


This book contains poetic reflections in the form of prose, all revolving around the madness of art as it overthrows the reason of the artist. These short dances include movements that pay homage to the tribes of all art forms, including writing, painting, sculpting and music.


These reflections and others were written at the end of 2018. All that you read here begins and ends with attentive listening. Inspiration might come in the form of an idea, while other times in the form of sound and harmony of letters. In that moment, the writer can do nothing but transmit meaning until the very end.


NOTE: This book contains all the poems from Art in Memoirs volumes I (Setting Forth) and II (Following the Traces) in addition to 15 new poems.

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