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Our Story

   Whoever Tastes Finds, and is Found   

Adhwaq is a store for sacred tastes, for all the senses. We believe in a holistic experience of drink, incense, clothing and books that come together in the being of seekers in order to propel us on our journey towards the Divine.

As an extension of Adhwaq Institute, this online store also revolves around three sacred pivots: educationresearch, and taste. It is in this third area specifically that the Adhwaq store hopes to enrich our audience and customers.

Our products, like our educational projects and research, are thoroughly rooted in the Islamic tradition and Sufism. We believe in the inseparability of shari’a (Divine Law) from tariqa (spiritual path) and haqiqa (spiritual reality).

This is why our products are imprinted with statements from awliya’ (Sufi sages) from across the Muslim world, including the blessed family of Ba ‘Alawi, descendants of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ who reside in the sacred valley of Hadhramawt, in present day Yemen, as well saints and scholars from the Naqshbandiyya, Shadhiliyya, Qadiriyya, Tijaniyya, Mevleviyya and other sacred paths across the Muslim world.

Our aim is for our customers to not simply enjoy our products, in a material sense, but also receive the baraka (Divine Grace) of its connection to Muslim saints, the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ and, first and foremost, Allah ﷻ. We thank you for support, which helps us to expand our product line and serve you better.

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